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I tell you my story, as I told it to Aritz,

my planning mentor



My passion to undertake, my mission to support you to undertake.

I started creating businesses at the age of 15 and from then on I "couldn't stop". I understood that it is a talent and I want to share it with you, so that you can also undertake.

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Find out what my clients say


Lidia Juárez 🇪🇸 España

Area: Web development

Dreamers Academy


Lucas Linguori 🇦🇷 Argentina

Area: Planning and Productivity

Según el Método de las Cajitas de Aritz Urresti


Isidro Ábrego 🇵🇦 Panamá

Web systematization area:

MGI Consulting

Decide which of these dreams you wish to manifest:

Establish a venture

Let's start to shape your business ideas, let's go from inspiration to action, until manifesting your entrepreneurship

Create the desired reality, through planning

Let's create your daily agenda, inspired by the Box Method and the Law of Attraction, both useful tools to manifest your dreams.

Inspire you to undertake

Learn about stories of successful entrepreneurs and discover that they had the same fears as you, however, they carried out their ventures

Develop your website

Let's make a prototype that embodies your business vision, then we expose it to your clients and continue modeling it productively

Create an online sales system

Let's capture your customers online and give them the best service, focused on serving them efficiently to solve their need

Learn to use different technology platforms

Use technology to boost your business, web design, digital marketing, Google Ads, Google Maps (Business), YouTube, Calendar

I share with you the synthesis of what I learned

together with my dearest teachers

My teachers for business:

Robert Kiyosaki

Nos enseña a soñar en grande

Padre Rico Padre Pobre

Pedro Quintero

Nos enseña a vender

Aritz Urresti

Nos enseña a planificar de manera productiva

El Método de las Cajitas

My spiritual teachers:


Esther, Jerry y Abraham Hicks

Teaches us a simple path to evolution

The law of attraction


Lita Donoso

Teaches us to receive support from divinity

The Violet Flame


The astrological community that nurtures me

They are a caress for the soul

Gathering with some of my favorite exponents

I tell you everything you can do with SIP

A web system created to facilitate the life of the entrepreneur

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